Pop-up book

Spread 1:

Opening scene where Thumbelina twirls in the inside her flower
(she spins as book opens)

Spread 2:

"Croak, croak, croak,"
was all the toad could say.

Thumbelina is captured by the mother toad while sleeping in her walnut.

Spread 3:


She escapes with the help of a butterfly.

A may bug captures her from the butterfly while making fun of her legs and abandons her in the field.

(maybug wings spin as book opens.)

Spread 4:

"Thump, thump."

The heart beats from a swallow whom Thumbelina saves.
He flies her away from the field to an enchanted garden.

(swallow wings expands as spread opens).

Spread 5:

"Tweet, tweet," sings the Swallow.

Thumbelina meets her Prince and is given wings as she becomes a Princess
surrounded by an exotic heart-shaped fairy ring.

(center flower opens with hidden fairies in her ring).